Play days

So it's nearly been a week since I last posted, and I'm sorry, but it seems to have become a habit.

Today I went to get Theo weighed. He now weighs a grand 19lb 15! (9.05kg) big baby. So he is still gaining the right amount of weight, which is reassuring because Theo hasn't really been that into food this week. I spoke to the HV about the fact that Theo isn't really sleeping at night, and she was really good about it. I was a little bit worried that they would try and persuade me to give Theo purees, and make me feel bad about him not eating loads, but she was really good. She just gave suggestions on what I should be feeding him and just said that hopefully when he's on 3 meals a day he will not need to feed as much at night. So fingers crossed that's the case!

This week he's been pretty into fruit and yoghurt again, and baby sweetcorn!

This week has been good, I've been busy seeing lots of friends and Theo has been having lovely play dates with his friends. Nowadays it's hard to go to a cafe with friends like I used to do, because the babies need to be entertained and more mobile, so recently I have been either going to other peoples houses or the park (before the weather turned bad!)

With Mersina and Jo in the park..Theo likes to pretend he's a dog

Theo and Oli

On Sunday I got invited to a lovely day out at St.Werburghs park to a little fete sort of thing! It was a bit of a twitter meet up, which was great, as I met some people in real life that I've never met before. There were lots of babies there too. It's so lovely to see how Theo is changing and interacting with his friends.

Theo, Kimberlee & Henry and Mersina
It was the last taste of summer, sitting on the grass, listening to music, eating yummy food and relaxing with friends! Since then its become a lot more autumnal, which I'm so excited about!

September is one of my favourite months, and I can't wait until its properly cold and I can wear tights and scarfs and coats. Its nearly a year since I moved to Bristol, and what a year it's been! I can't believe that I was moving into Rob's parents house, and we shared a tiny room for a few months. We also moved to our first flat, spent my first Christmas here, had the baby, of course, and moved again. I've had my first full summer here and am now welcoming another new season. It's been a really good year, a tiring year, but good. And it really feels like home, here in Bristol.

The business is coming along nicely, with the website currently being built. We're having a business day on Thursday, so expect some more developments! I'm really excited about it, but also getting a little worried about the money situation. My maternity pay stops this month, well now, and our tax credits have been reduced. Hopefully we have enough to make ends meet, but it's going to be tougher. So fingers crossed in a while we can actually start making money from the business, I just have to find some more time to work on it!

I have another idea for a pretty in depth post, which I will hopefully get round to writing soon.

Hope everyone is well!