well looky here!

Today we have a few new developments, firstly we have a new tooth arriving, this time up the top and again with no real signs of pain. (Except he was a little wingey tonight so I gave him calpol)

Also the second is that after a few weeks of trying, Theo can finally crawl! I'm so excited about this, as he can not be so frustrated all the time trying to move around. He can also pull himself up to sitting from lying down. Its all so amazing to see him learn to develop over the weeks, and to finally succeed! It makes me so immensely proud! I'm still a little scared for when he gets really good and is into everything, but for now the pride is taking over the fear. Also today we learnt to do high fives, it's so sweet. I love seeing his little brain work and his body responding, it makes me fall in love with him all over again, and again. Babies really are fascinating aren't they? But he's not going to be a baby for much longer...

This week has been good, but hard. I'm trying my hardest to get to work on my new business, but things keep on getting in the way, and once again time evades me. Next week I'm hoping to set up a set few days with Rob's mum (hopefully) where I can work and she can watch Theo. I really really want this business to work, and I need to start getting serious and set aside real time to do the work.

Today we spent ALL day at the citizens advice bureau, getting advice on going back to work, tax credits and being self employed. To be honest I'm not a lot clearer on anything than I was before, it's all so confusing. I know that I'm technically on 'extended maternity leave' which means I'm on leave for a full year, but obviously not paid for all of it. I know also that my old work have to at least give me my 4 hour contract back if I want to go back, otherwise they are discriminating against me. I now know that I need to work out a real business plan with budget and costs etc sorted out, so I can work out benefits. But that still doesn't really help me now. We still have lost income, and I don't know what benefits I can apply for, and when I can become self employed, and what I can apply for then. So the advice didn't really help that much. I still really need someone to sit down with me, or some time to think and research online about what my REAL options are, and how we can possibly earn a little more money. Gah, my head is literally full and I can't switch off. There is so much that I have to constantly worry about and I don't have the answers or even time to think of them.

Right I'm going to have a bath. Good night.