The child

ahh this weekend has been a funny one. Theo is ill, poor little sick baby. He's had a little bit of a stuffy runny nose for a few days earlier this week, but on Friday he came down with full blown baby cold and has been feeling sorry for himself ever since.

It's tough, poor little thing, he's been being sick and whining all day, and just not himself at all. Last night when he woke up in the middle of the night crying (well attempting to cry as he has no voice, so it's a bit of a whispering whinge) and after trying to give him some ibuprofen and him sicking it straight back up again I sort of felt completely useless. I didn't really know what I could do to help him, and I felt totally out of control. I felt like I was a child and there is this tiny person who is depending on me to make them feel better. For the first time I felt pretty out of my depth and forgot that I'm the one who's supposed to know what to do and to make everything better again. It's not a very nice feeling.

But anyway, we still managed to have a somewhat ok weekend. I decided not to go to the gig on Friday night, because I really didn't want to leave Theo, not that Rob isn't capable but I just didn't feel comfortable as he was feeling really bad.  I was gutted, but oh well there will be a next time I guess. On Saturday we went to look at the house again, as it's funny how much you forget in a few weeks. Its only about 2 week until we move, and I actually can't wait. Everyday we spend in this flat I just find more and more things that annoy me about it! But I guess when it comes to moving I will probably be sad. This was Theo's second home, and he's learnt and changed so much since being here! Mainly sitting, crawling, feeding himself and how to explore and get into EVERYTHING! I'm thinking it's going to be weird for him moving, as he knows his way around this flat really well and I guess he knows it's home. Maybe for the first week or so he might think that we are just visiting some place, but will be coming back to the flat, does this happen with babies, or do they just adapt really quickly? Will the new place feel like home? Or does it not matter to them, as long as he gets fed and put to bed?

Anyway, it was really nice going back and was bigger than we both remembered which is a good sign! We also went to the park which will be about 10 minutes walk away. I always really liked the area we live in because it's close to the Downs in Bristol and I will be sad about leaving them, but going to this park makes me feel really glad about the area we are moving too, because it's beautiful, and much more fun for a child. There's a great play area and a big pond, and just lots of space to run around. I'm so excited for when Theo grows up a little and taking regular trips there.

I then headed over to Frithas house for her baby shower. Theo wasn't really up for it, and was a sad baby for most of it and I felt bad for keeping him there, but it was worth it as it was a really nice afternoon. The food was yummy and there were some good games, such as guess the size of the baby bump and name the baby puree. Needless to say I wasn't very good at the latter as Theo hasn't really had much puree! She got some amazing presents which I'm very jealous of, I wish someone had thrown me a baby shower! oh well, there's always next time right?!

We returned home and Theo just slept on his daddy for most of the evening. Today has been mostly the same, with a dedicated lazy day. We watched Bridesmaids and I cooked a salmon en croute, which was yummy if I do say so myself!

Tonight will probably be spent nursing Theo and eating some pie. I hope everyone else had good weekend x