Good luck?

So today we had some good news, I won't go into it too much now as I don't want to jinx anything, but hopefully things may run a bit smoother for us in the future, fingers double crossed.

Anyway, it's been a bit quiet around here, as Rob was working for 8 days straight, so we haven't had much of a break. So now on his days off we've been running around trying to catch up with everything.

So far this month has involved taking down the Christmas decorations, which I was pretty happy to do as the precarious tree was driving me crazy! Cooking yummy meals, laying on the sofa with a sleeping babe watching movies, and listening to the howling weather outside. Oh and Theo is cutting a new tooth, which thankfully doesn't seem to be giving him much bother (hooray!)

Anyway, it's a certain someones 1st birthday in 3 weeks, yes, only 3 weeks (how on earth did that happen?) So I have been prowling Pinterest for some party inspiration. I'm not entirely sure what we are doing yet, we may possibly be having two parties, one on his actual birthday for a little baby get together tea party, and the other for family and friends on a slightly bigger scale as we didn't have a naming day or anything like that. (lets see how much I can handle!) But here's some sweet ideas:

I will certainly be prowling through the blogs I read for all of your birthday inspiration, and if anyone else has any good ideas feel free to show me!