I need to get out more...

So these last few days, well weeks we haven't really been up to much, what with Christmas getting in the way of normal life, and friends being away and classes stopping and of course moving to a new area, Theo and I haven't really been leaving the house. But that has got to change, after the nightmare day we had yesterday.

We didn't go out all day and poor Theo must have been super bored as he just followed me round all day and clung to me. He wouldn't let me do anything for myself or play by himself with toys. I thought maybe he's just going through that stage where all they want is you.

But this morning I went to get Theo weighed at my new baby clinic and was chatting to the HV about it. She was saying that to her Theo seemed like a completely normal little boy, who was happy, active, confident, sociable and completely secure with his attachment to me (as he was off crawling around the whole place trying to play with the other babies!) which was a relief, and I've realised I just need to get out the house more.

I need to go to places so he can be entertained there, and I need to go to local places so I can meet more mums in my new area, and I need to tire that tireless boy out!

One thing I would like for Theo's birthday is swimming lessons. He's been swimming a handful of times before, but not regular lessons and I think that would be an excellent thing for both of us; something physical for Theo and good for me too.

So as of today I'm going to get my act together, find new groups and classes to go to, get our regular routine back and get out of the house!

(I need to start being more active too, I've probably used up my sitting on my arse allowance for the year already...)