Tipi baby

I've been thinking long and hard for a while about what to give Theo for his first birthday.

He's got tons of toys, books and clothes, and I'm sure we'll probably get some more of these things for his birthday, so I wanted to give him something from us that is different and will hopefully last. I also want to spend time over his present, so what better way to do that, than to make it myself!

I had been thinking about making a tipi or a play tent for Theo for a while, and then when I went to my friends babies 1st birthday party, lo and behold, she had made a tipi for her daughter! Theo loved playing in it (see previous post), so my mind was made up- I shall attempt to make one too! She kindly gave me the pattern for it too, and I've been searching once again on pinterest for inspiration. Now I just have to find some good fabric, then I'm all set!

I shall try and record my progress to show on the blog, I'm excited for the challenge! As well as tipis here are some pretty homemade tents that I love too, perhaps for a future project for the summer in the garden...?