Early days

Since it's coming up to Valentines day (even though we don't really celebrate it) I decided I would do a little soppy love post (blueeeeeghh).

The other day I was going through some old photos from a University, back when I could afford to use film all the time (sniff) and found these collection of photographs. They are from the very beginning of our relationship, before we were pregnant and long before Theo entered our lives.

It was on a very hot day in Wales, (yeh I know!) and we decided to take the car and drive into the countryside and find somewhere to go swimming. So that's what we did, we found a perfect secluded spot with just a swan for company. We brought a picnic and some towels and spent the day lazing around, it was perfect. It was like one of those days that you see in movies or read about and think 'I wish we could do that'...

I don't think I was pregnant at the time, because as you know Rob and I hadn't been together that long before we found about, maybe about two months? So this must have been about a month (or less) into our relationship. Rob and I have been talking recently about how strange it is to think back to the time when it was just us, and we were just getting to know each other. I know most people who have children together have known each other for quite a while, and have a long history of when it was just them, and lots of memories made in those times. But for us it's different, there are only snippets of memories of times that existed when it was just the two of us. They are like rare jewels that I find every so often and find myself over indulging in the luxury of them. Not because I wish our life was different now, and that we didn't have Theo, because I don't, I love the way things are and have been, but it just seems so fascinating to suddenly remember these moments when it was only about us, with no other responsibilities other than to get to know each other and to enjoy that. Most of our relationship has been about being pregnant or raising a baby, that it's so easy to forget that at one point we were just two people in our early twenties, just about to finish University, finding love (at long last).

I don't regret anything that has happened in our relationship or the course that it has taken, but I just love getting lost in my thoughts and memories about those glorious two months of driving around Wales, going out dancing, cooking meals for each other, getting visits when I was working, getting drunk together and going on dates to the cinema. I know that that time is long gone, but I loved it, and I loved falling in love. It was a magical time.