Out and About: Devon edition

We've gone on a little holiday, nowhere fancy, but just having a little break down in Devon at Rob's grans.

It's always nice to come as we get spoilt and they love having us and seeing and playing with Theo. It gives us a chance to relax, have a bit of a breather and lie ins in the morning!

On Tuesday we had a nice cooked breakfast before heading off to get the train to Exeter. On the train Theo made friends with a little boy, playing peekaboo and pat-a-cake with him. It was really sweet! When we arrived we made sure we were all wrapped up warm as it is really cold at the moment (as I'm sure you all know!) before getting out and walking around. But we didn't go far before we decided to go and check out the newly updated museum. The museum is free and we asked if there was anywhere we could let Theo have a little crawl/walk about, we wanted to give him time to have a little play as we were going to look in some shops and it's not really fair to make him sit in his pram all day going round boring shops. They did have a play area with some toys so it was perfect. We left the buggy in the buggy park and headed upstairs. The play area was in the 'New World' section with displays of artifacts from all over the world, which was pretty cool. In the play area they had some plastic animal and dinosaur toys and a few blow up globes to kick around, and other toys and objects for older children. But Theo loved just being let free to toddle around, with supervision from Granny. Rob and I had a look around some of the other exhibitions, but came back to get Theo to show him the stuffed animals (not something I particularly agree with, but also find fascinating, so love to see)

After this we went to the cafe there to have a bit of lunch. Luckily they had highchairs (Ikea ones, always a bit of a relief when places have these as Theo is really happy in them!) and they also had a nice childrens menu. We had lovely local handmade pies, with mash, gravy and peas, which were really yummy, like Pieminister in Bristol, perhaps just slightly not as good, but a better price! Theo had vegetarian spinach lasagne which after already having a banana he wolfed down. It was great to see him really enjoying his meal. In the last few weeks it seems as though he has just 'got' all this eating lark. I'm so glad we stuck with Baby Led Weaning, as it's no hassle now feeding Theo, as like always he just sits with us and gets on with it. We've started giving him a fork too, to have a play around with and he seems pretty happy! And he's actually swallowing pretty much all of his meal, whereas he used to just chew and spit out!

Anyway, after lunch we packed up and headed out to the shops. We only got about 2 minutes down the road and he was asleep, and result of a full belly I imagine! The rest is pretty boring as it involves him being asleep and us looking in shops. (But I'm always so happy when the day goes to plan and he sleeps when he's supposed to, for the right amount of time without any public screaming!) The only other exciting thing that happened is that Theo got fitted for his first pair of shoes, but that's another story altogether...