the haircut: part III

No it's not me this time, don't worry, I just thought I would share with you pictures of Theo's first ever hair cut.

I went up to my mums for Easter Sunday and we finally decided to get rid of Theo's mega mullet. My mum has been very keen to get her scissors on Theo's hair, and I'm surprised we managed to last 14 months! I was reluctant to cut the back as he was just starting to get some curls in, but at the same time it was starting to look pretty rat-taily, which isn't that nice...

Sorry for the bad quality photos, I stupidly forgot to put the memory card back into my camera, but I wanted to document this exciting event so my iphone had to do!

I think it looks so much better, but it was a little sad seeing his little golden baby locks fall to the ground (which I've kept of course!) He looks so grown up now too!

 So there you go, he's growing up fast right?