A Theo Update

So I thought it was time for a little update about the boy, and to discuss this little journey into toddlerhood that we're on.

I know I probably think this at every stage, but I am loving this age a lot. A recent post by Annie really summed up how I'm feeling at the moment, and as our little babas are so close in age, it's great to read and follow someone who is on a very similar journey to us, even if they do live thousands of miles away!

Recently we have just been spending the evenings sitting back and watching Theo potter round, and laughing at all the brilliant things he does. I can really see that Theos and Robs relationship is getting a lot stronger the older Theo gets and the more able he is to communicate. Obviously Rob has always loved him, but you can really see their own separate relationship developing.

So basically Theo is developing into a massive show-off, which I'm sure most toddlers are, but he just loves attention! We recently went to a friends little dinner party and Theo spent the whole evening flirting and showing off to the other guests. He would climb up on the chair so that he could be with everyone at the table and laugh when everyone else would laugh, he went through his reportage of party tricks which include saying "uh-oh" every time he dropped something, waving, dancing, kissing and general chattering. He was on top-form. I love leaving a place where Theo has been a model toddler and think to myself how amazing he is, and how much I love showing him off...haha.

Obviously there are not so great moments, when he is flinging himself on the floor because I won't let him play with something dangerous, or screaming (not crying, but actual high pitch screams) round a supermarket. But these moments don't seem to last that long, and the tantrums (if they happen at home) are funny, and he can be easily distracted.

Theo also just seems to be a lot more interested in us and our interaction with him. Which sounds strange as he has always obviously been interested in us, but now he wants to share with us his world and show us the way he sees things. With food we always have to have a "try" of what he is eating, and if he is playing with a toy he will grab our hand and make us play with it too. There have been times recently where he has walked up to us and taken our hand to make us come and look at something he finds interesting. And there are A LOT of things that he finds interesting. The most common thing coming out of his mouth at the moment is "ooooo" as he discovers something new and fascinating to look and point at.

His understanding of words has come along really quickly now too, he definitely knows "no" and even before he does something he knows he's not supposed to do, he starts shaking his head! A few weeks ago we began using a bedtime sign, of putting our hands by our ear in that classic sleeping pose, and saying "are you ready for bed?" to which he responds by putting his hand to his ear and walking towards the stairs ready to go up. In the last few days he has started to sign bed first without us asking him, which makes it a lot easier to know when he is properly ready for bed! Hooray!

Above all he is just so funny! I don't think I've laughed as much each day as I do at the moment in a long while. I love his funny little walk and run when he's playing and being cheeky, I love his giggles, I love his talking noises he does when reading a book, I love the way he has to blow on every mouthful of food (whether its hot or cold) before he eats it and I love it when he dances to any music that he hears. He gives the best hugs and has to kiss everyone at least 4 times before he is satisfied, and no-one can be left out. He really is an awesome little boy, and for now I am fully embracing toddler hood, and cannot wait for more to come...who knows the 'terrible twos' could in fact be the 'terrific twos' if it's anything like this!