Food glorious food

So I thought I would jump on a bandwagon, I don't do it very often, but this post by Sarah inspired me to!

I love seeing what other children Theo's age are eating, and it inspires me to make yummy meals for Theo, or more yummy meals for us that we can share with him! Theo's weaning journey hasn't exactly been the easiest, we followed baby led weaning principles, and even though he spent the first few months of trying food puking it all up, we kept on with it. I'm so glad we did. Shortly after Theo turned one he just seemed to suddenly 'get' how to eat, how to chew and swallow! Hallelujah! He was quite adventurous and tried most things put in front of him, even if they did end up on the floor, at least he tried them. He definitely has favourites which include most fruit, pasta, yoghurt, carrots (cooked), ice cream, avocado, baked beans, corn on the cob, quesadillas and vegetable fingers...

But then every time illness or teething hits he goes right off food, and refuses to touch anything (maybe bar a yoghurt or two) and definitely refuses to try anything new. We also seem to hit a wall sometimes, like other people have described, and we have definitely been through the 'beige faze'. It's pretty frustrating when he point blank refuses to try something you've cooked from scratch, or when he finds great delight in throwing it on the floor! Luckily Theo tends to eat mostly what we eat, so we either just end up eating his food too, or back in the pot it goes! But I do worry that sometimes we get stuck in a food rut, not just for him, but for me too! So I thought I would try and document some of Theo's meals, and like Sarah, photograph the end result too. (But stupidly I forgot to take the end result picture this time! But will start documenting once Theo gets over this teething episode and is back on food properly)

Another good development though is that Theo has recently perfected the art of using a fork. He's been poking around with it for a while now, but recently has become pretty good at actually spiking food on it and putting it straight in his mouth! I usually have to blow on every forkful of food before it goes in his mouth, even if it isn't hot and he also tells us he's "all done" and puts his plate on the table away from him (but sometimes with a lot of food left, which we can usually coax him into eating some more of)

These pictures were taken at breakfast where we had a fancy meal of scrambled eggs on toast, a bit of a change from his usual porridge! 

Next stop perfecting the spoon on runny foods!