here comes the sun...dun na na naah

So as you can imagine, we've been out and about every day enjoying the sun. The evenings are spent sprawled on the sofa, sweating and waiting for Theo to go to bed, which leaves little time for blogging (I'm lazy ok!?)

Am I allowed to say its too hot? I know I know, we all moaned about the rain and the cold 'summer' weather, and I did long for the sun just as much as everyone else...but I don't really like the heat too much. As long as I can enjoy the sun from the shade of a tree, or with a gentle breeze I'm happy... but being in the car with no ac or pushing a pram up a steep hill (Park Street!) is not that fun...But it has been lovely to get out the house, I just wish it was before the summer holidays so that all the parks weren't RIDICULOUSLY packed.

So here are just a few photos from our week in the sunshine. We've been meeting friends in the park for picnics, building shelters in the garden, playing in the paddling pool, visiting the children's pool at the park, scoffing ice creams and having a bbq!