a hungover sunday

yeh, you heard me, hungover! For the first time in what seems like forever, Rob and I went out on Saturday night!

Well Rob was out all day photographing the wedding of an old work friends, and I joined him in the afternoon for the reception. Luckily and very kindly Robs parents came over in the day to watch Theo, and then my Mum and Andy came later to do the night shift. This was the first time I'd ever left Theo in the evening with someone other than Rob, and for someone to try and get him to sleep without me feeding him, so I was a little bit anxious to say the least. My Mum did get him to eventually go to sleep, but late as I think he was a little bit over excited to have so many grandparents in one room! I kept checking my phone for a distress call, but none came, so we proceeded to get a little bit tipsy...

It was fun, and silly, and we even danced at the end to the cheesy disco. I felt relaxed and it was great to have a proper evening with Rob, that wasn't interrupted. Theo was asleep when we arrived home (before midnight and everything!) and woke up a little after two, we managed to settle him back to sleep without too much pain! I was a little worried about the next day, as dealing with Theo on a normal day is challenging sometimes, but with a hangover...I was dreading it. Luckily my Mum and Andy were there in the morning to help out, but actually I got up with Theo before anyone else was awake. I think hangovers are a bit better to handle if you just get up and get on with things...with the help of paracetamol and a fry up of course!

So anyway, when Rob eventually got up and my Mum left, we decided to take a little trip to Grimsbury Farm. I wanted to get out the house and get some fresh air, and I know that Theo loves going to places like this. Plus the weather was good for the first time in...forever?

We had fun meeting the goats (the the kids!) and practicing Theo's farm animal noises! You may notice Theo's costume change, and the reason behind this being that he had a spectacular fall in a lot of mud! He went for a little wander by himself, and as Rob chased him to pick him up, he bolted off the path and went face first into a big sludge puddle! I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get a photo, but when he's upset and his arms, legs and face are covered in mud, it's hard to remember to take a photo before cleaning him up!

So all in all we had a very good weekend! I feel a little bit more confident in leaving Theo in the capable hands of Grandparents, and am looking forward to some more nights out in the future...