Bristol Balloon Fiesta

You may remember last year we went to the Bristol Balloon fiesta for the very first time (mine not Rob's) with my sister who visited for the weekend. I forgot to tell her about it this year (I'm really sorry!) so she missed out.

This year was all a little last minute, and we didn't really have a plan until the day before. My mum rang me up and said that they wanted to come, which was great! We planned to go for the evening take off at 6pm and stay until the night glow which started at 9.30pm. We didn't do this last year as Theo was only 6 months, but I'm so glad we did this year!

Unfortunately due to some wind, this year the balloons couldn't take off, which was a shame as I'm sure Theo would have gone mad, especially with his new found obsession of pointing to the sky saying 'look' and trying to find birds and planes. He did get to see them inflate though and was saying "balloon"!

We met up with our friends, who we also went with last year. I was a little worried about how Theo would cope (or how I would cope!) as I thought he might try and run off all the time and we wouldn't be able to sit down and enjoy it, but he was really good. We had a picnic and lots of balloons, and between Rob and myself, my Mum and Andy and our friends, plus other children and kind people around us, he was thoroughly entertained! He got a little tired towards the evening, but I managed to feed him and that kept him going. We also took a little stroll around, and spotted the carousel which I took him on with me!

Then it was time for the night glow, this is where the balloons are inflated, but stay tethered to the ground, and then they are lit up with the gas and flames in time to music! I really wanted Theo to stay awake long enough to watch this, and luckily he did! He sat on our friend Kip's shoulders for most of it, and had a real proper boogie, much to everyone's delight! That kid sure has rhythm!

Theo eventually got so tired he was nearly falling asleep on the shoulders, so I fed him a little and he soon dropped off, we then transferred him to the pram and he stayed fast asleep as we made our way home! It was such a fun day and evening, and really good to be out and enjoying ourselves with friends and family! Thanks everyone for your help!