escape to the sea-side

As you know this weekend we took a little trip down to Devon to visit Rob's grandparents. It was a total last minute decision, arranging and going on the same day. It's been a tough few weeks around here, and I'm not really sure why. I just feel like we're stuck in a little bit of a rut, I'm getting bored and frustrated a lot by just being at home all day, everyday. Well I do try and go out everyday but some days I have no plans and feel defeated and lethargic. It's a horrible feeling. So I decided I needed a change of scenery, and a bit of a break. There is something very refreshing about throwing some clothes into a bag, packing up the car and just driving. It was exactly what we needed.

Rob's Grandparents live in Teignmouth, a little seaside town near Torquay. The weather was typically unpredictable and we got caught in more than one downpour, but that still didn't ruin our weekend. On Saturday we had a lie in, whilst the grandparents took Theo into town for a little stroll. We joined them not long after, not before looking through all the charity shops (seaside chazza's are always pretty good!) We met them by the train track that runs along the sea front, and were greeted by a very excited little boy who had been waving at all the trains going by! We stopped for some chips on the seafront whilst we sheltered from a shower.

We then made our way to the pier, and Theo had a snooze which left Rob and I to go wild and explore the arcade. It is without a doubt the best pier or arcade I've ever been to! Forget Brighton Pier, Teignmouth is amazing! It does have the usual flashy fruit machines and lots of loud noise, but what makes this pier amazing is that the further you work your way down the better it gets, because the modern machines are fazed out and it becomes an amazing vintage game wonderland! Of course there are tons of 2p machines, but there are all sorts of amazing gambling machines, with brilliant designs and old mechanisms. I went a little photo crazy as you can imagine. It continues outside also with an array of rides with hand painted signs, and slightly dubious looking mechanics...(I'm sure they're safe, but I don't think I'd be getting on the roller coaster at the end of the pier!)

And to top it all off right at the end, Rob won £5 on a slot machine, after putting in a mere 30p! Excellent!

We spent the evening in watching the epic night of Olympics that Saturday night turned into be! We were all cheering away, it was so much fun, and I definitely shed a few tears! (I have always love the Olympics, but this year I have been glued to it, I'm so gutted we didn't get the chance to go) 

But anyway more to come on our weekend away soon!

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