theo loves

Theo seems to have reached that age where he is independently deciding what he likes at the moment, and it's great to see what he gets excited about and what his favourites are!

So far he seems to have picked things that are very boyish to be obsessed with. I am sort of suprised at how stereotypical the things he loves are, because I don't think we've pushed very boyish toys on him, and would pick and provide pretty much most of the toys we have for Theo, if we had a girl. I know that when I was little I was obsessed with toy cars, and I played with lego and playmobil just as much (if not more) than barbies.

So first of all we have trains! I'm not sure when this obsession started exactly, but he loves them! We have quite a few Thomas the tank engine books/ toys/ dvds (the complete series!) / and quilt cover (from when Rob was a little boy!) so I imagine that's where it came from! But I don't think we made a conscious effort to have lots of Thomas, that's just the way its gone! And of course Theo's great Grandad is a huge lover of trains, and we took Theo to see steam trains before he was old enough to know what was going on! But now every time he sees or hears a train he gets so excited, waves and goes "wooo-wooo" over and over again!

720p from Abigail Oliver on Vimeo.

This video is from this weekend, we took Theo to see a steam train! His face is amazing when it goes past!

Secondly I'd say Theo loves anything vehicle related. He's just learnt to say car and is pretty much there with tractor too. He likes to point out the window to cars, ride his car, push along his variety of toy cars and point out anything car or tractor related in books. I love it! I hope this obsession lasts!

720p from Abigail Oliver on Vimeo.

He also loves water, and will go out his way to splash in it, put his hands in it, drink it. He loves brushing his teeth so that he can run the brush under the tap over and over again...he's a strange boy! This weekend we visited Rob's grandparents, and I think we overwhelmed him with all of his favourite things! This is at this amazing park right on the sea front, and he literally played with the water for about half an hour! Luckily he had his waterproofs on, but we still ended up having to change him as he was soaked through!

720p from Abigail Oliver on Vimeo.

Theo of course still loves animals, and even though I don't have any videos to share, it's safe to say that they are a firm favourite of his! He makes all of the noises associated with animals, and can now say: cow, cat and dog. My favourite noise he makes is of a chicken, where he sort of goes "cocooo-doo-ooo-oo-ooo-ddooo-ooo-do-ooooo" I will definitely have to try and capture that!

Other things that Theo enjoys is dancing (to any type of music!), waving, screeching and kisses.

720p from Abigail Oliver on Vimeo.

In one day we managed to see a train, a helicopter, boats and play in a water park...I think it was Theo's official best day ever...if only we'd been to a zoo as well!