A weekly round-up

I made my Instagram profile private again, as I didn't really like the idea of random people following me, therefore I had to remove my instagram widget on the side of my blog. I know this is probably weird as I share lots of photos on the blog, and I don't know who is looking at them, but I kind of feel it's better to have a bit more control over who views my images. I'm considering watermarking my photos of Theo that I put on the blog, call me paranoid but it does worry me a little bit that just anyone can look and even save the pictures I post. Has anyone else considered doing this? Or am I just being over paranoid? It's a strange dilemma really, and probably hypocritical on my part as I'm the one taking and sharing photos of my family (without Theo's permission, obviously as he's a baby) and details of our life on the internet. As I've said before, the reason's for sharing photos are to document and to share with family and friends, but obviously there are people who I don't know who look at the blog. I would love to believe that everyone out there looking at this blog is a nice, decent person, but you never know right? But surely you just have to take that risk as part of the enjoyment of blogging, and the rest of the positives it creates. (aaahhh)

Anyway, I majorly digress, the point of this post is to share a few photos from Instagram (see a contradiction right there as I'm still sharing them?) of our week:

1&2 Getting ready for our family cycle ride to bath (20 miles all round!)
3&4 Our destination and on route
5&6 My sick Saturday and Theo climbing under the covers with me
7&8 The boy and I achieving nap time without nursing and a visit to Grimsbury farm
9&10 Always playing with trains and at the farm
11&12 eating a banana like a real boy and balloon watching with daddy in our garden

So this week has been very quiet indeed. We went on a little (big!) bike ride on Friday on the spur of the moment, we had to hire a bike and a trailer for Theo and I but we had the best day! But the next day I paid for it as I came down with a horrid cold. Theo had had a cough for a little bit too, but he seemed fine for a few days, then came down with the cold too. I thought I was getting better, but I actually started to feel worse again, meaning I had to cancel all arrangements this week, which resulted in a very uneventful week! We did manage to get out yesterday afternoon to enjoy the sunshine (I love you September) for a quick visit to the farm. Needless to say a lot of Thomas and cbeebies has been watched this week whilst I lay around dripping in snot. Summer colds suck.

Anyway, we're on the mend now and have an exciting weekend planned. Tomorrow (as that's when our weekend starts!) we are going to visit a potential wedding venue before we head our separate ways. Rob is going on a stag do to Woolacombe where they are hiring our a chalet and going to have fires on the beach. I'm very jealous, I want to be doing this especially as the weather is supposed to be lovely! I'm heading down to Rob's Grandparents for another little visit and a break!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the lovely weather we've been having! And have a good weekend!

p.s I just re-read this post and realised it's all over the place, you'll have to forgive me as I don't think my brain is quite back to normal....