me and him

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Rob was working all this weekend so I decided that I would have a little adventure, just Theo and I. We haven't been to the Zoo for a while, well not this zoo for just over a year! So I scraped together some pennies and treated us to a day out!

Theo's obsession with animals is pretty big at the moment, so I thought he would enjoy going even more now that he is a lot more aware of where we are, and what he's seeing compared to when he was six months! He loved pointing at all the animals, saying 'oh look' and getting very excited. We saw the lions getting fed, went to see the baby giraffe and zebra, Theo did his elephant impression when we saw the rhinos, we went on a tractor ride, petted some donkeys, had a staring competition with some alpacas, watched the chimps play and had a picnic. It was a fun day, tiring, as someone wanted to be carried for most of it, but good. Once again it felt nice to be out doing something fun with my boy, without feeling self conscious that it was just me alone.

I like these little outings that Theo and I share together, most of time in the week we go places where I meet up with friends or to playgroups, where as soon as I let him down he's off running around and playing, with the only the occasional wave back to me, or a whinge. So it's actually really nice to spend the day just me and him with no-one else. We can talk and share food, and he likes to point out all the things he sees. Not saying they're all rosy and great ALL of the time, he's still a whingebag, but on the whole we have a pretty good time together.