our day in pictures

Tuesday's are a bit of a funny day for us, we have swimming lessons in the morning but not much else planned as theo usually (hopefully) sleeps after, and we just go home, which means a whole afternoon to kill at home.

I've been trying my hardest not to just switch cbeebies on a let that work its magic, because I feel guilty about the amount of tv Theo watches. I, like probably a whole host of people, thought that I would be one of those parents who didn't resort to sticking the telly on for an hour (or two) to be able to get a bit of peace. But I would like to meet an actual real parent of an over 6 month old who doesn't resort to some sort of stimulation like this, be it either watching something on the computer/iphone/ipad/dvd/recorded..because I don't believe one exists! But saying that all the same I am trying to stop the temptation of the easy way out and try and have a bit more of a constructive day at home.

This morning, admittedly Theo did watch some cbeebies whilst I was upstairs getting ready for swimming...otherwise he follows me around clinging to my leg, which when you are trying to get dressed can be a tad annoying!

But we managed to fit in a bit of playing before heading off to swimming. I made a house last night out of a big box from our new cooker (ugh long story) so he had a whale of a time this morning with that and his trains...

Theo decided to fall asleep on the way to swimming, meaning he only had a 20 minute nap today...yikes, so I definitely needed to pull out some magic to entertain him.

When we arrived home we played a little with his train set in his room, well I say we played, but I just sit on the bed and watch and occasionally rebuild the track when squealed at. He is happy to play on his own, I just have to be in the room with him otherwise all hell breaks loose in a matter of seconds.

When we'd finished that, and he (yes he) tidied away all his trains I decided to brave it and try cooking with him for the first time. I didn't expect it to be easy and dreamy, and it wasn't. But it was fun!

We made ginger bread men biscuits, from a packet which was given to us...I wasn't about to start spending time preparing the mixture, that's asking a little too much! He tried to eat the butter as he thought it was "tscheeese", and flung flour everywhere, but he was enjoying himself. But it's bloody hard to try and take photos whilst trying to semi control a toddler whilst using his hands or a spoon with a large glass bowl of mixture, and trying to show him what to do, so forgive me if they aren't the best!

Someone got a little sad when they had to go in the oven! The biscuits got a little bit burnt as I was trying to clean up, whilst rescuing possessions from being put through the car flap...so yeh they aren't the finest...but we dolloped some icing on them, tried to decorate them, have you ever tried to control a toddler armed with a spoon full of icing, and stop him putting the biscuits in the toaster at the same time?

Not a good idea, but here is the end result:


After this we had a little potter in the garden, before, yes you guessed it, flopping down in front of the telly. We made it to 4.45...that's good right?

if you can believe it, this bastard post has taken me about 3 hours to write, blogger's photo upload was being particularly helpful...anyone else had any problems?