So I thought I would ask a little question to those other lovely bloggers out there who read this little corner of the internet.

 I love to read my favourite blogs and keep up to date with them, and feel I have made some lovely friends over the last year or so through doing so. There have been many a wise word of wisdom and encouragement. I also love to discover new blogs, and get caught up in yet another amazing tale. So following on from my motivation rant I thought how could I make the most out of the effort, time and love that I put into this blog? So I thought the best thing to do would be to share the love, and provide everyone with a chance to promote their blogs on my site. I think being able to help out another blogger would be a great way to share in a network of free promotion for us all. Now my site isn't very big, and doesn't draw in a huge amounts of hits, but enough to know that there are people out there reading it! I've had a blog list on my side bar for a long time, and I use that mainly as my reading list. But I would love to showcase my friends, and the blogs that I love reading on a daily basis!

So if anyone would like to send me over a button to link to their blog, or even business I would be more than happy to discuss and display it! I'm not sure how many I can display at a time, I'm thinking 5-7 depending on how many people take up my offer! So it may have to go on a month by month rotation...

So your buttons will need to be 250px wide, and either square (250px high) or rectangular 100px high. 

And if in return anyone would like to display my button on their blog that would make me very happy indeed!

email me at for images and codes (if needed)