I thought I would share a few of the "affectionate" names that we call our little bundle of joy! I'm not sure when we started these nicknames, but I remember Theo's first ever one was 'The Worm' right from when he was born, as he did look like a little wrinkly worm!

We like to use:

eskabar a dop dops
monster face
poo bum
smelly fart bag
sweet pea

That's all to springs to mind at the moment, I'm there are quite a few more that are used regularly!

What names do you use for your loved ones?

footnote: I had no idea where Theodopolopdos came from, it just popped into my head one day. So I eventually googled it and it turns out it's Sharon's married name in Birds of a feather?! Anyone else remember that show? How strange some of the things that get lodged in your brain only to reappear years later!! what'll I doooo, when yooouuu are far away...

footnote ii: these names are used in the highest affection for Theo, even though some of them are slightly unsavory...ah hum...

footnote iii: Theo was really obsessed with the full moon the other night!