book love

I love finding and being recommended new books, that goes for books for me and for Theo. We have been quite lucky in that my parents saved quite a few books from when I was little, and I have favorites that I remember and can't wait to pass on to Theo. I've also picked up quite a few interesting, 'vintage' books from charity shops with amazing illustrations in them. Theo's got a few classics such as "spot the dog", the "hungry Caterpillar" and "dear zoo" etc and his favourite at the moment is probably the Gruffalo as he has it every night when he goes to bed!

Both Sarah and Fritha have shared quite a few great books, that I have definitely added to my mental want list, which is ever growing! The boy is going to have a better book collection than us!

On my recent trip to London my friend Anna very kindly gifted Theo (and carried it around all day!) this amazing book. Her mum is friends with the illustrator, and as soon as I laid my eyes on it I was in love! Anna was worried that Theo wouldn't enjoy it now, but I reassured her that even if he can't read the words he will still love pointing at all the pictures, which include many of his favoutite things: flowers, birds, bees, chickens, cows, the moon, frogs, trees etc (he really is a lover of nature!) And even better I know that this book will last, and he will find it more and more interesting the older he gets.

 As you can see from the contents page the book follows through the seasons, highlighting different aspects, and explaining what happens in these months. Each section is illustrated with beautiful drawings and collages that are bright and really engaging. Written with them are little poems, ideas and facts that guide you through the pictures. There's no real structure to the pages, and no real pattern of what you'll find in each chapter, and I really like this. Each page is a new discovery, and there is just so much to look at and to learn!

I wish I could show you each and every page, as I'm not sure I have favourites yet (other than the den making one!) but there are too many, plus I don't want to spoil it for you when you get the book yourselves, because you will, because it's amazing!