a christmassy weekend

As I mentioned before Theo and I took a trip to Malvern to go see my mum and Andy this weekend. It feels as though I've hardly stopped in the last few weeks, and its finally all catching up with me. I'm so exhausted and I've got a nasty cold, to make things worse. Obviously. Ugh but anyway, we had a lovely weekend away and definitely got into the Christmas spirit as the town had a whole day of events and the 'big' light switch on in the evening to attend.

Theo went to see Father Christmas for the first time ever, and as soon as we entered the little grotto (in the library) he burst into tears and his legs vice clamped around me. I had visions of him sitting with my mum so I could snap a few photos, but alas things never go to plan right? He was alright in the end, with the aid of a present, but I guess it's only natural to be scared of going into a dimly lit room with a fat man in a bright red suit and a beard right? After his little ordeal we let him have a rid on the Victorian carousel, and my mum even slipped him some candy floss...

 After this we took a stroll into the town to get some food and look at all the stalls. We ate some yummy Ostrich burgers, Moroccan soup and washed it all down with some mulled cider...mmmm. There was lots to look at and the smells were just amazing. They had a real live polar bear (well not real, but life size and looked and moved very much like a real one!) vintage cars, arts and craft stalls and even some fake snow to top it all off.

I really am so excited about Christmas this year. I know that it will technically be Theo's second Christmas but it feels like he will be able to experience more of it, or get a slight understanding of what it's about. We've certainly got him a little more this year, as I can't wait to see him opening and using his presents! Yes Christmas adds so much more stress and slight panic around this year, and doing or planning anything (eve non-christmassy) is such a nightmare and after all it is just one day. But I can't wait! We're going to be putting up our tree this weekend, I'll be brewing up some mulled wine and there will be some dancing to Christmas music...

Anyway after our walk around we went back home for a little rest before heading out again for the Christmas light switch on. The town was packed and we joined the procession up the hill to where the 'celebrities' would be switching them on. (I say celebrities but they were just actors from the local panto...I'd never heard of them anyway) But all the same it was pretty exciting, and great to see Theo taking it all in and his face lighting up!

 We finished the night off with some chips and Xfactor (don't judge...) and went to bed pretty exhausted!

The next day we played in the garden, went on a short walk and prepared lunch before heading back to Bristol.

I'm looking forward for the next few weeks, to hopefully feel a little more settled, see family and friends and of course eat more delicious food! This year feels like the start of making our own little family traditions too, and I can't wait for all the years to come!

Do any of you have family traditions or trips you always take around this time of year?