new beginnings

so, a few weeks ago a talked about needing a little bit of space and time to do something for myself, to perhaps make me feel a little bit like I had some of me back, and not just be a mum 24/7.

So I went and got myself a little job. When my sister was visiting we went for a few walks around, and stopped to look in this cafe, Cox & Baloney. We'd be in a few times before, and even though I don't really frequent it that often, I had seen it change and grow from a vintage, book and small tea room shop, to what it is now. There is now a large tea room available for hire and small events, as well as the vintage/boutique. Anyway when we were having a look around I noticed that they were looking for someone to work in the cafe on Saturdays, so I went and had a little chat, and lo and behold they gave me the job!

I had my first real shift on Saturday, whilst Rob looked after Theo. I'm going to be working most Saturdays, with occasionally working the Sunday so I can still get some time to have the whole weekend with Rob and Theo (Rob currently has Friday and Saturdays off work). The shift was fun, and they had a little wedding reception of around 12 people for cream tea (such a nice idea!) as well as normal customers. My day involves making tea; of which they have an amazing range of hand blended choices, making sandwiches, cream tea towers, platters, toasties, all served on vintage china all the while listening to good music on the record player. The day went quickly, and I did enjoy it. I was tough being on my feet for such a long period of time, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! I'm really hoping this works out well, and I'm excited to get more integrated in the place, and eventually work in the shop as well as trying to help out with some event photography.

Fingers crossed it all works out well for me and my little family! It feels right to be going back to work, just for a few hours a week. With Rob looking after Theo we won't have to shell out for child care, and even though it means one less day to spend together as a family, it means that Rob and Theo can have some proper time together. I feel that I dedicated the first two years of Theo's life to soley to looking after him, but now feels like the right time be starting something new, and having a little time to myself again. We're going to see how it all works out, but I know the job is really flexible around me having a child, as the two owners are mothers to young children themselves. So that's that. I still plan on running the tipi, and hopefully cape business too, so 2013 is going to be a busy, but hopefully productive year!

Here are some photographs (there was a baby shower going on this time!) to feast your eyes on, it's quite pretty!