seven / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 - 

We had a tiny flutter of snow again this week, that lasted approximately 10 minutes and didn't settle. But that didn't stop Theo running to put his wellies on to go outside, sticking out his tongue and trying to catch the fluffy flakes. I love that this was a basic instinct for him!

Again this week I found it really difficult to choose my favourite, so I had to share two, I'm sorry, I feel like a bit of a cheat and a failure...(I am terrible at deciding and choosing, ask Rob, it takes me about half an hour to decide what I want to drink in a pub...)

Playing along with Jodi and all the talented photographers out there!


also just a quick side note, nominations end soon on the mad blog awards. I was really surprised to be nominated for anything at all, but very happy that I have been! But if you wanted to nomiate me for anything it would be very much appreciated!