this week...

...has been a total write off. Does anyone else feel like they wish they could just erase the past week and start all over again?

I guess it's a combination of feeling poorly last weekend, and not having full energy levels because of it, and this ongoing winter. I wish it would just hurry up and piss off so I can be joyful and prance around pointing out all the new flowers, leaves and blossom to Theo as we skip along gleefully...but no. It remains, and even though we have been given glimpses of sunshine and warm days (on Tuesday it was about 15 degrees C and not a cloud in the sky!) it just hasn't been enough to lift my mood, in fact I think it's just been tormenting me even further.

So our week has been pretty crap. I've been behind on my daily outfits pictures only managing a few blurry ones as we've spent minimal time outside, when we did venture to the park it was a nightmare and Theo fell off a climbing frame, we broke our sd card for the camera so I've not been able to take any photos for the 52 project, I've been uninspired with food, Rob and I have been fighting and I can't be bothered to blog or even really read any. UGH. I know I know, these aren't very big problems in the grand scheme of things, and hopefully we have some good news around the corner (no, for the last time, I'm NOT pregnant) but I'm kind of just waiting for the good times to start. Like in my previous post I need an adventure, I've seen various people jetting off to New York recently (hope you're having an awesome time Charlotte!) and my longing to go there just gets bigger...we really need to start saving for our honeymoon!

I'm not entirely sure where this post is going, but actually I don't particularly care either. Sometimes it's good to express my feelings of discontent once in a while, and what better place than to do it here.

Planning the wedding has kept me busy, but probably keeping my mind too busy to be able to relax properly. I'm working at least one day a week, at the weekends so we are only getting one day together as a family. I know it's not forever (hopefully) but I really need to see how it goes. I do love working there, and once I'm there I have a good time and a nice break, but I don't want to sacrifice our time as a family together. On the one day we do have together it's spent running around doing all the things we need to do or cleaning the house so we rarely get the time to go out on any adventures, and I know that when the weather does finally decide to get better, that's what I'll want to be doing. Anyway that's a whole other trail of thought to be placed in another post probably!

So on that note we are taking a family walk to the city farm to get some fresh air and spend some time together.

p.s I know I posted this photo on instagram earlier, but it was pretty much the best thing about this week!