charity shop shopping

I make no secret of the fact I shop in charity shops. I love it and always have! Back when I was in college we used to scour our local town charity shops every week, and pretty much all my clothes were from them. I went through an 80's stage which at first probably started as a bit of joke, but then soon turned true obsession. I had the best collection of sparkly, shoulder-padded wonder blouses that you ever did see...come to think of it I wonder what happened to them?

Long before charity shopping became 'fashionable' and when people thought you were a bit weird for wearing clothes that people had probably died in I've been a massive fan of trawling through the rails and stumbling across hidden gems. I volunteered at a charity shop for a while just so I could get my hands on the best stuff first (oh and to you know donate my time to a worthy cause...obvs).  Nothing excites me more than finding a true proper charity shop these days, which are run by old ladies and there isn't a specific 'vinage rail' full of over priced clothes in sight. To me that takes the fun and enjoyment out of charity shop shopping in the first place! Anyway I'm not going to go on a full on rant because we might be here a while, so I thought I would share some of my recent finds. These are from our recent trip to Devon, and nothing screams good charity shop like those in small towns by the sea!

I love finding a good blouse in charity shops, probably the first place I search, then kids clothes, then bric a brac, then shoes then the rest. The floral dress I bought wasn't even on the shop floor, but I spied it in the back room right at the back and asked to see it. I tried it on, liked it, then discovered it had pockets and LOVED it.

So there you have it, quite a nifty haul and all for about £15! I hope to share some more of my finds in the future too!