nineteen / fifty-two

So let's just talk about these curls for a minute shall we? I'm so glad I resisted the urge to chop chop chop when his hair was in that weird in between stage because we now have the start of some beautiful curls, hooray! I like being rewarded for my patience!

We've had a tough old week over here as Theo's been cutting his back molars (for a while now too). I can officially say that teething toddlers are much worse than teething babies. We've had tantrums gallor,  and constant whinge and whining noises grating on my brain all day, missed naps, high temperatures, lots of dribble and a frequent night visitor to our bed. It's been tough.

But on the up side we got a zoo membership for Rob and I (as Theo's still free) with a belated birthday present and some money we had put aside for Theo. So we can take Theo as often as we like for a trip round the zoo.

Anyway enough about us, last week I loved this sweet portrait of Everly. Such beautiful colour hair!

and p.s thanks for all the sweet comments on my post last week!