a friday adventure

So Fridays are turning into little adventure days for Theo and I along with our friends. Since Rob is now working Fridays I have to think of things to do to fill them up, and because I work most Saturdays it's been really good to try and do something different and adventurous before the weekend.

As the weather has been so good all week we decided to take another trip to the beach, this time a little closer to Weston-Super-Mare. We've only been once before, last summer, when the weather wasn't so...summery! We left a sunny Bristol this morning, but as we got closer the clouds started to come in. It was pretty windy and a little chilly when we arrived, but the sun did poke it's head out every now and again.

We headed straight for the beach for a little play, which was fun until we made the fatal error of trying to have some lunch. Now I don't know if I've mentioned my hate of sand on here before (I probably have) but I had all my reasons for hating it reconfirmed today. You see I do love going to the beach, and especially if the beach is pebble or very grainy sand, but the beach at Weston is neither of these. In fact because Weston isn't technically on the coast, but on the Severn Estuary, which has a huge tidal range making it feel like the sea. The 'beach' therefore is pretty muddy, so the sandy beach is man made meaning that the sand isn't like proper compacted beach sand, just gritty loose sandpit sand. So this, plus a slight breeze and trying to eat sandwiches doesn't end too well! Sand just makes me feel horrible!  I hate the feeling of it and even more the fear of having it in between your teeth.....uuughhh. Like nails on a chalk board. So lunch wasn't so successful lets just put it that way...I may have freaked out just a little.

Anyway moving on from our slight lunch disaster, we made a mental note not to have lunch on the beach again and just leave that for building sand castles. But regardless of my freak out the boys said that they liked the beach which is all that is important anyway! We took a walk along the sea front, had a little ride on the carousel, played in the fountain, ate some chips and had a good chat. We of course ended the day with ice-cream before taking two pretty tired out boys home. The weather held out until we made it back to Bristol where we had some much needed rain.

We had a lovely day in the end, and it's always good to go somewhere new, and there is so much left to discover!