adventure time: Hereford

With a rainy Saturday morning, solo parenting and a day to kill we packed up the car and drove up to Malvern. A sleep, a sandwich and a run around the garden later we were back in the car and heading into beautiful Herefordshire. As usual our destination was a National Trust property deep in the countryside, where we found a castle surrounded by grassy meadows, a stream and panoramic views. The rain had stopped but the wind continued making the grasses dance and inviting us to wade through.

We witnessed a reenactment of a battle from 1745, and the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder and we heard shouts from officers and the crack from bayonets. Walking around the grand castle we gazed upon the rooms as they once were preserved for our enjoyment. Theo found a toy fort to play with complete with knights and horses. We ended the visit with generous portions of cream tea as we sheltered from the wind before we made our way back home once more.