bargain hunt

We woke early to a sunny morning on Sunday and were out the house by 8.30am to drive the short way to the next town in Devon to the fairly regular car boot sale that occurs there.  I haven't been to a car boot in quite a while, and I do enjoy a good old rummage through peoples unwanted things every now and then.We missed the big one on the bank holiday, but I didn't mind so much because when they're too big I always feel a little over whelmed and that I'm missing bits and potential bargains. I like to plan our route and itinerary, making sure we don't miss a stall. The sun was shining and people were in good moods, we chatted and bartered with stall holders and came away with some goodies!

We did pick up a few other things, mainly for Theo, including some Thomas wellies, a mechanical crane, a toy pushchair and toy cars.

I'm looking forward to many more car boot sales to come!