what's in a name?

So now that the wedding is over and we're getting back to our normal routine it's time to catch up on all the things that have been pushed to the side (including this little blog!) and I need to start organising all the other things that crop up when you get married, like all the boring legal stuff. It still feels a little weird to call Rob my husband, and I haven't even really got the the part where I'm called Mrs!

It took me a while to decide what my name would become, and in fact I'm not even sure if it has legally changed...how do you do all of that stuff?! When Theo was born, maybe because we weren't married we gave him both of our last names. I would like to have the same name as my son, and I am also keen to keep my surname seeing as that I only have sisters, and my cousins are both girls as well, so if in theory we all got married and changed our names, then our family name would end. So it sort of makes sense to take the same last name as Theo. But so far nothing has been changed...is there some manual somewhere that tells you what and how you have to change your name once you become married? How do people know all about this sort of thing because we certainly don't!

Then there's all the other legal things to think about, changing my name on my passport, drivers licence, bank, bills even my email address? Do people actually bother with that? Then there's other grown up things to think of, such as wills and life insurance etc. It's all things that I feel I'm too young to think about, and considering the fact we don't own a house there's not much put in a will. But it would be reassuring to know that we had some sort of plan mapped out if (can't bear to think about) something ever happened to either of us just to know that Theo would be looked after properly. Sorry that's all a bit morbid isn't it, but I guess it's worthwhile to think about.

Any tips on what I need to do now that I'm a real grown up?!