a birthday list

So a certain someone's birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and yet again there's not a whole lot he really needs. It's tricky after Christmas because I've usually saved up the things to ask from other people and usually forget that his birthday is not long after. Last year this worked out well as we later on in the year decided to get a zoo membership (which has been more than worth the money!) and we still had some people who hadn't given him a gift yet. I think we'll probably do something similar this year. It's difficult to know what to get when everything is so close together! (Says me who has had to suffer having a birthday two days before Christmas! First world problems and all that)

So for now I've been eyeing up a few items, mainly around the want/wear/need/read concept. Theo always wants something train or Thomas related, and even though he got a pretty good haul at Christmas (some ebay bargains from us and some lovely new from family) he could always do with a few more pieces, especially the extra bits of track.

The Tootsa Macginty jacket has been on my wishlist for a long time now, and even more so now that it's in the sale!

The rest is books and prints. Not that Theo needs prints, but they are nice to look at and will brighten up his room. We love interactive books and I think the finger print drawing book is genius, I can definitely see Theo getting involved with this! We have been lusting over the Maps book for a good few months now too, and I may just have to save my pennies and buy it for myself, and finally another Alain Gree book, as they might just be my favourite at the moment. We have a little collection already, including the Alphabet, transport and our new addition nature (which I love!) and would happily carry on adding more. I love that you get a wall poster included as the illustrations are just so pleasing!

Prints: two, four, seven