a family walk

We planned our weekend well, making sure we checked the weather forecast before going on our family walk. Rob's Gran was visiting for the weekend and returning home at about lunchtime on Sunday, and upon discovering that the sun would apparently be shining for most of the day on Sunday we decided to get out early for a walk all together before we said our goodbyes.

The forecast was right, and were treated to the most beautiful sunny day, and drove a short distance across town to Ashton Court. We arrived and parked and were surrounded by the bustle of families, runners and bike riders. It seemed as though most people had the same idea as us, and I can't blame them, it was glorious. The air had that lighter feeling, drawing people out from the long weeks of rain and gloom, warming your skin ever so slightly, like a small glimpse of the Spring to come. People were standing round idly sipping steaming cups of tea, others gathered up their children, dogs and bikes and headed out onto the trails whilst we changed into our boots and headed on our own little adventure.

Theo had a little grump in the beginning when he realised that we were not to carry him round the whole way, until we discovered fresh mud to squelch in and a few muddy puddles to stir up with our wellies.

We held a little running race to catch up with the others before discovering a small wooded area. As we crossed the threshold we saw the hidden world of the underside of trees, with twisted roots and dead twigs and logs stacked together to make perfect dens. We played hide and seek, found mushrooms and walked along fallen logs, with the sun streaming in between the trunks and branches.

As we emerged from the woods back into the sunshine we saw the big gnarled oak tree standing solitary in the middle of the field as they always do. We did what you do best with a perfect oak tree, we climbed it, or attempted too as wellies don't really lend well to gripping vertically!

After our climbing adventure we admired the vast view across Bristol, stopped for a small rest on a little rock before retreating back to the small cafe for a refreshment in the sunshine. Once again for the duration and after our little walk we all felt lifted, happier and relaxed. The sun on our skin, the fresh air in our lungs and the freedom to run is definitely something we all need.

Last week I loved seeing other family walks and trips over on Lori and Fritha's blogs, and would love to see more of people's walks they go on, so if you fancy leave your link in the comments!

As you can see we finally replaced our lost camera charger and it was like being reunited with a lost friend, and I got a little snap happy! (Plus the light was so perfect!)