the wedding part one

I finally thought it was about time I got my act together and shared some photos from our wedding day. It seems like such a long time ago, and I wish it could happen al over again!

The day before the wedding we spent rushing around, getting a makeover at Mac with my sisters, preparing and making all the programmes and favour bags and generally making my house look like a bomb site! We then spent the afternoon and evening before the wedding setting up and decorating the hall for the reception. I barely saw Rob or Theo, probably had a few stressful moments, but above all I can't believe how quickly it all came together thanks to the amazing help of our friends and family! I wish I had made a time lapse film or something of the hall transforming because the difference a few hours work made was simply amazing! It's strange to see something that you have been planning for months and the picture in your head being made into a reality.

After we finished setting up the hall me and my dear friend Sarah (and my maid of honour) took a bus into town to our hotel, before heading out for a late dinner and some gin and tonics to calm our nerves in this amazing bar a few doors down. We spent the evening talking about the day and where we are in our lives before forcing ourselves to go to bed to get some rest. I woke up at about 5am with my mind whizzing of all the things that still needed doing, but mainly just very very nervous about the day ahead.

My sisters then arrived in the morning to help us get ready, we did our own hair and make-up, and sent out the boys to get breakfast and more importantly some bubbly! Our amazing florist delivered our beautiful hair pieces, bouquets and posies. (The flowers were beyond perfect, more than I'd hoped for, but more to come on that later!) My dress belongs to Rob's Grandmas, from the late 50's and was just the most beautiful and perfect dress for me. I love that it holds stories and has seen two wedding days before my own, and hopefully it can continue to be passed down.

I didn't anticipate feeling as nervous and over whelmed as I did. I spent the morning fighting back tears, welling up and not really knowing what to do with myself. It all happens in such a daze and I don't really think the enormity of the day had fully sunk in. I was excited to see Rob and all of our guests, but I think it all just overwhelmed me and I finally shed a few tears when we met my dad and returned to the bar for some more pre-wedding Prosecco. We walked round the corner to the registry office dodging the rain and puddles before heading inside, and the rest well you know how it goes. It was teary and emotional, but just seeing Rob waiting for me calmed my nerves. Knowing its someone you know so well waiting for you, saying those vows to each other and really believing in them. Seeing your best friend and companion, knowing they are feeling as nervous as you, but as soon as you take their hand you know it's going to be alright.

Then Theo joined us, jumping into my arms for a cuddle. He followed us out of the room and it all felt real. Walking out together as a family and finally being able to relax was perfect!

Thank you to my lovely and talented brother in law Borja Algarra for capturing the day for us!