a family walk, Tyntesfield

So what a difference the sun makes. I imagine we've all experienced the long weeks full of pouring rain, hailstones and gale force winds and so when the sun peeked out on Sunday morning I'm sure we weren't the only ones grabbing our wellies and heading out for a walk or day in the sun.

We decided to go a little further afield this week, seeing as we stayed so close to home last week. We got in the car and drove through our  sunny city witnessing literal crowds of people out strolling and enjoying the break in the weather. We drove all the way to Tyntesfield, a National Trust property, where we have visited many times before, but as we approached we saw that many people had the same idea as us and we even had to queue for a parking space - something we've not had to do even in the summer!

We love it here, as its just the perfect place for a walk. You can divert off from the main path and find little glades, stare out over the rolling hills and wander amongst the gardens. It's all a little idyllic.

We were delighted to see the the first signs of spring, with the daffodils, snowdrops and crocus's poking their heads up from the ground and Theo stopped to look and smell each patch learning the names as he went.

The air felt lighter and warmer and everyones shoulders seemed to relax as we all remembered what Spring actually feels like! I really do love that sense of hope and knowledge that the weather is (hopefully!) only going to get better.

We collected flowers, pine cones and twigs and made funny antlers out of twigs and chased each other round. It was such a lovely day!

Just a little extra note to say that the MAD blog awards are open once again for nominations. Last year I was nominated and it was a total (lovely)surprise. So if anyone fancied nominating me for any of the categories (mainly photography, family fun and family travel!) that would be awesome! It's fun to be part of and to get to know all the other bloggers out there!

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