a family walk

After our amazing walk last week it was going to be hard to top it, and I'm afraid we didn't! Rob worked over time this weekend, I saw friends with Theo, and we stayed very close to home. The weather was pretty awful for most of it, but on Sunday afternoon there was a slight break in the rain so we decided to take the chance to get some fresh air.

Even though Theo has had his scooter for quite a while now, we haven't really taken it out that much as most of the time he gives up and realises that running is much faster. But for some reason this week it all just clicked together, and with a days practice he mastered how to go along properly, steer and brake. So he wanted to show off his new skills to Rob. We took a little walk around our neighbourhood and to some playing fields not too far away, our go to place for when we want a short walk and a blast of fresh air!

We jumped in puddles, scooted along and ran down the hill before stopping under a tree for a little treat!

We were sent lovely valentines themed chocolates from Lindt and we enjoyed our favourite chocolates just before the massive hail storm rolled in!

It came down to quickly that we were soaked in seconds as we ran back home, so instead of a long walk in the countryside we snuggled under the duvet with tea, watched the olympics and ate the rest of our chocolate...lovely!