a good book

We've had this book for quite a while now (note the bent corners and well turned pages!) but like with all our books, when we get a new one some get put to the back of the little book shelf and are not part of the current rotation. So we often neglect stories for a little while, but its great when you have a little rearrange and find an old favourite and re-read it all over again!

We rediscovered the joy of "The Train Goes" by William Bee the other evening and it's as great as it ever was. In fact now that Theo is older there is lots he can get out of the book, such as remembering the rhyme and spotting new things in the pictures.
I absolutely adore the illustrations, and it's such a fun book to read out loud as the pattern of the words follow the pattern of the train gathering speed and the noises of the journey. It's fun to try and read it as fast as you can and keep with the tempo! There are also a few fun things to spot on each page...

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