dockside adventure

We had such a lovely weekend full of outings and enjoying lots of time together as a family. Recently it seems as though we spend our time just going through our daily tasks and obligations, working through the motions without really stopping to enjoy each others company. I don't know if it's the time of year (but I'm going to go ahead and blame it on it anyway) and because the days are shorter, but it just seems as though once the sun has disappeared then we all seem to shut down and hibernation sets in.

Making sure we go on our family walk once a week has been great but it's important that we don't just waste away the rest of the weekend. Rob has recently been working a little over time on Saturday mornings, meaning that our family time is once again cut a little short. So this weekend we decided, without any real plan in mind to spend a little more time together, outside of the house, enjoying each others company.

Theo and I pottered around the house in the morning, playing and cleaning then scooted to the bus into town. I took the plunge and decided to go out all day without the pushchair. We don't tend to use it much anymore, but I feel that when we go out all day to somewhere like the centre of town, I need it. The last time we went for a little outing to town I took it but Theo ended up walking the whole way out of his own choice and I felt lumbered with the pushchair we didn't need. So I bit the bullet and took away my safety net and ventured out without it! This meant that we were free to sit at the top of the bus and were lucky enough to get a seat right at the front, much to Theo's delight!
We met with Rob and made our way slowly along the harbour. We had no real plan, or anywhere to get to, which meant we were free to take our time meandering around the cobbled streets and enjoying the Saturday busy atmosphere. We walked along the train tracks, viewing all historic boats at the dockside and even taking a peek inside the steam crane that was open for the day. We walked a little further and ducked into The Buttery for some chips just has the rain lashed down. The clouds quickly parted and we decided to take a trip on the little ferry that runs along the river, a first time for both Theo and myself!

The docks so far have never ceased to be entertaining for us. We visit them often and each time we find something new to look, be it visiting the mshed, looking at the cranes and boats or visiting the SS Great Britain.

After the ferry we made our way to Millennium Square for some perfect scooting ground, where we watched some live Olympics on the big screen, soaked up the last of the afternoon sun and somehow managed to get ourselves persuaded into treating Theo to a ride, but look at the joy in his face - how could we deny him!

We took the bus back home, stopping on the way to do some shopping at the local greengrocers before heading home for a well deserved cup of tea. Theo managed to stay on his feet for the whole day, without any requests for us to carry him and no nap - a success for our first trip sans pushchair!

So a lovely Saturday spent together!