film friday: Boston

Back when I was still in high school my Dad had to take a business strip to Boston, USA. I'm not sure why, but me and my sister were invited too, a couple of weeks before Christmas. We visited Boston once before as a family when I was much younger and I couldn't really recall much about it (we also visited Florida in the same trip so Disneyland obviously eclipsed most of my memories of that trip!)

We stayed in a small town outside of Boston called Andover and on the first few days we did some family touristy things like visit Frog Pond for the ice skating and Quincy Market for the food in Boston. My sister and I shared a bedroom, complete with giant princess beds, we ordered in room service and watched movies in bed. When my dad had to work we would get up, go for giant breakfast in the hotel before taking the train into the City. We were at the perfect age to be trusted to go exploring by ourselves and spent our days discovering different parts of the City.

We ate in diners, hung out in book and comic book stores, shopped for music and just took in the sights. The weather was bitterly cold, forcing us to wrap up warm and causing steam to rise from the drains. One day we took the train to Cambridge, where we visited Thrift stores like we'd never seen before, including one where you just sifted through clothes in a big pile on the floor and paid a $1 for a pound in weight of clothes! We browsed in shops and markets, ate giant pretzels in Quincey Market and even went to see The Celtics play. It was and is probably one of my favourite holidays to date. We just spent our days exploring and hanging out, being trusted to look after ourselves and just soaking up the city. Thinking back over it now it seems a little unreal that we even went, and how perfect it was. Like my holiday last summer with my other sister, I'm convinced that there's nothing better than going on holiday with your dear sisters!

About time we visit again hey sissy?