sandcastles on the moon

Last weekend, all three of us filled up to the eyeballs with cold, drove to visit my sister in Kent for a little extended birthday treat. You may remember last year we made the same journey to see the wonderful Oily Cart. We were all blown away by it last year that we decided to make it a little annual trip (well until Theo is five as he will sadly be too old to go!)

 This years performance was equally as amazing. It was called Mr and Mrs Moon, and was about the lady who lives in the moon, who comes down to earth (via long stretches of fabric from the ceiling none the less) to visit all the children and see them make sandcastles. The whole set was featured around a giant circular sandpit, where the children sat for the performance with their bucket and spades, free to start building whenever they want. The story features travelling up to the moon by a ladder drawn in the sand, a giant balloon containing all the wind from the moon, aliens and a real wind machine. It was amazing. There tour is coming to a close now, but if you want to take little ones to some spectacular theatre that is made for them, around them and to engage them properly then don't bother going to an over priced cbeebies sort of thing, go see Oily Cart, you seriously won't be disappointed!

So enough of my gushing (but seriously, just GO!) we spent the rest of the weekend having more adventures.

After a horrendous night of rain and wind Saturday turned out to be gloriously sunny, and bitterly cold. Even so we took a little trip to the lovely seaside town of Whitstable. We took our time whilst Theo napped wondering the small streets peering in lovely looking shops and browsing in charity shops. We weaved our way to the seafront where the wind picked up and the rain threatened to come in. Even so we enjoyed finding pebbles and rocks and hurling them back into the sea, trying to skim them over the surface. Soon our tummies began to rumble to we headed to the harbour for some fish and chips, obviously.

 Theo took the photograph of me standing next to the fisherman. He took the camera and instructed me to stand next to him and say cheese. So of course I obliged, and the boys got skillz...

The next day after our little walk to the woods  we took a trip to the wonderful Badgers Hill to meet up with my dear cousins who were visiting for the day. We of course ate one of the amazing ploughmans that they offer, had a good catch up, snooped around the shop with all its delights and fed the animals roaming around the grounds. We then said our goodbyes and hit the road for the long journey home. Once again we had such a wonderful time in beautiful Kent, but as usual the weekend went way too fast.