the wedding part two

After the ceremony I felt all the nerves and fear lift from me, and finally it was time to enjoy ourselves! We waited for everyone to file out of the registry office, saying our hellos and thank yous. I was pretty overwhelmed that most of our favourite people were all in the same place, and had all come to celebrate with us!

We waited at the top of the steps stopping for a little longer than anticipated as a little person had to go to the toilet! When finished he wondered out looking slightly bewildered at all the people before Rob scooped him up and we walked out together, as a family. We were showered with confetti and glitter (perhaps a bad idea in hindsight as it went and got stuck EVERYWHERE!)

Soon it was time for our transport to the reception to arrive. We wanted a special way to be able to travel and all stay together, rather than split up into separate groups and meet up there later, so we decided to hire a bus. A rather special vintage Bristol Lodekka Bus.

We decided to take a little tour of Bristol on the bus, taking in the sights along the docks, along the Gorge and under the Suspension Bridge and up onto the downs where we stopped to take in the view at the looking point. The sun magically appeared just as we alighted and we spotted an ice cream van which was perfectly placed for a quick wedding 99!

After our little ice cream stop we had a big group photo, before heading back on the bus to carry on our little tour. We travelled down Whiteladies, around the triangle, down Park Street, through Stokes Croft up Gloucester Road and finally reached our destination. I loved the bus, I loved travelling all together through our city, feeling a little bit special watching people gaze up and occasionally wave and Theo still talks to this day about the 'Big Green Bus'!

We finally arrived at our reception where more of our friends and family joined us!