winter blues

This has been our view for many days lately. A horrible virus struck us down one by one last week and even though we managed our little adventure to my sisters at the weekend, we are still suffering. Theo worst of all, he's been leaking snot everywhere even out of his eyes. It's not been pretty.

I took him to the Doctors yesterday to see wether the conjunctivitis was bacterial and needed antibiotics, but thankfully he's just so full up of virus it just seems to be coming out everywhere. But Theo was very excited to go to the doctors, and even informed me that we are going to the doctors again tomorrow. It may have something to do with the little doctors kit he got for Christmas which he likes to use on all of us and his toys, checking their temperature, listening to their heart and giving them medicine. In the doctors office he was full of questions about what everything was, what it did and how it worked. A very inquisitive boy indeed.

I forget every year how much I hate HATE this time of year. It's all fine up until Theo's birthday, it makes January a little bit bearable to have something to plan and look forward to, but once that's over then just nothing. A big grey, dreary, cold nothing. It hasn't even snowed (yet) this year to break up the bleakness. These past few weeks have found me moody, snappy, uninspired, grumpy and just feeling crap in general. It took me a few days to realise why, and it was staring me straight in the face. It's the middle of winter, past the warmth and joy of Christmas but too far still to feel the glimmer and promise of Spring.

So I think this is the way the next few weeks will continue, hiding away under the duvet, playing doctors and trying to stay happy!

Spring come soon and save us all!