a family walk: blaise castle

So I think its fair to say that all our springtime dreams were answered last weekend! I mean I went out with out a coat, WITHOUT A COAT for two days in a row, and it was glorious.

On Saturday my friends came to visit from London and we met and pottered around Gloucester Road and headed to the park for the last of the afternoon sun whilst Theo played in the play area. I spent the evening catching up over a cocktail or two and went to bed waaay past my bedtime.

So on Sunday upon waking with slightly fuzzy heads we knew that there was only one thing to do, and that was to get out in the beckoning sunshine for a walk. We drove over to Blaise Castle, and so did half of Bristol apparently and ended up parking down the road a little bit, passing and making note to visit the National Trust small hamlet there.

 We arrived and headed straight for the play park, where Theo seems to think he has graduated from the smaller area and can now handle the giant climbing frames and slides (which he does manage really well!) Obviously we had  few goes ourselves, then stopped for our first ice cream of the year - it really was that warm!

After our little rest we ventured into the woods, where walking along the sheltered hill sides and along the river the air felt even warmer. For me this is the perfect weather, warm enough to not need coats, hats and gloves but not so warm that the heat is over powering and all you can do is lay on the grass not moving save for eating an ice cream (actually I do quite like those times too!)  But the air feels light and fresh, layers are still needed but its comfortable. We foraged and looked for all the new life pushing its way to the surface, smelling the sweet blossoms, scrambled up ledges and climbed over trees.

We made it to the castle at the top and took in the views around us and rested, soaking up all the sunshine. Theo discovered the joy of searching of creepy crawlies and also had his first experience of death (after accidentally stepping on his found creature!) we made sure we thanked it for letting us play with it and sorry that its life had ended (if only it were that simple...)

Once again we had such a great walk around one of our favourite places in Bristol to visit!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine (if you had it!) and went on some good adventures, I'd love to hear about what you got up to!

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