How to kill a morning and have a mini adventure

These past few weeks have been pretty manic what with me starting a new job and still trying to catch up after the disastrous and disruptive week we had at the beginning of the month. Meaning that we've had little opportunities for outings and adventures recently, which I feel a little bad about!

So when I asked Theo one morning last week what he would like to do for the day, and he answered go to the big station, I thought it was the perfect way to kill the morning, whilst doing something fun, a little out of the ordinary (for us) and relatively cheap and easy. So a trip on the local trains it was!

I've mentioned before that sometimes we like to just go and sit at our local station for half an hour and watch the trains (wild, I know) for something to do, but we rarely actually have to get the train anywhere. Probably because I have a car, and that we live half an hours walk from two stations that they just aren't that convenient for us. So this is still quite a novelty and a fun little adventure for Theo (and me!).

We arrived at the station just in time for a train, and watched it arrive and boarded. We found a seat and waited for the tunnels, and talked about the things whooshing by the window. Theo loves talking to the ticket collector and is in charge of paying for the ticket, and keeping it safe.
We arrived at the 'big station' (Temple Meads) and found a bench to sit on and watch trains pulling in and out of the station. We could see the rain lashing down in showers outside and felt content to sit in the dry talking and watching the world go by. Eventually our tummies started to rumble so we made a dash for it in a break in the weather and headed to a cafe close to the station for a sandwich.

We made our way back to the station and boarded our train home, satisfied from our mini adventure on the trains!