montessori at home: painting

This week we did lots of paint orientated activities, looking at colours, drawing and pattern making and working on exploring our creative skills. First we had a little go with painting an object in different colours, then experimenting by mixing two colours together to create new ones.

It was fun to get him to try and guess that colours it would make and to see it change before our eyes.

Next we looked at drawing letters, and I wrote out his name and asked him to try and copy the letters. He's quite good at recognising the letters in his name, but this was the first time he attempted to write them out himself, just by copying and I think he did a pretty great job!

 And lastly we tried a little bit of pattern making using different fruits and vegetables and seeing what patterns they printed on the page. We looked and talked about the different pieces, which shapes they were, the colours and the names. Then we covered them in paint and set about printing on the page.

We used a lemon, onion, celery, broccoli, tomato and a pine cone to try some different shapes and the results were pretty good! Some worked better than others and we found that the less paint the clearer the patterns were, it was good to talk about what shapes we saw. I forgot to take pictures of the finished prints but will have to update that!

Do you have any suggestions of other good things to try and make patterns?