a family walk

Not so much a family walk, but an outing, but all the same we went on a little adventure on Sunday to visit the steam train at Bitton on the Avon Valley Railway.

We've visited Bitton a few times, once on a stop off on a cycle ride to Bath, and another just the boys to ride the diesel train. But this was our first time riding the big steam engine. In fact I think, if you can believe it, it was the first proper time Theo has ridden on a steam train. Gasp! For a massively train obsessed child you would have thought he'd have been on thousands in his three short years, but asdie from mini steam engines and the one at the Mshed, this is (it can't be though?!) the first time we've travelled in proper carriages pulled by a large steamy. So obviously very exciting for us all.

We had a lazy morning and eventually left the house to meet my Mum and Andy for our little adventure, and purchased our tickets in the traditional waiting room, we had a quick packed lunch on the platform whilst Theo entertained us by running around waving his new flag and pointing out all the very exciting things around the station!

Once again I got a little snap happy, so click below to see the rest!

After a short while the train pulled in and filled the platform with that enticing smell and billowing clouds of steam. We went to take a look at the engine, and Theo discovered that in fact the steam close up isn't that great!

Theo spent most of the journey with his head out the window watching the countryside rush by, feeling the wind and hearing the noises of the train gathering speed. He stepped back inside to excitedly get his ticket stamped by the conductor, and ran down the corridors of the carriage.
We stopped at a station down the line and watched the engine change direction before taking us back on our way. Our tickets meant that we could stay on the train for as long as we like, taking how ever many journeys we wished, and we noted that next time, in perhaps warmer weather it would be a nice idea to get off the train and walk a mile or so to a nearby pub for lunch before returning and alighting the train back again.

We finished our journey with one very tired out boy, and headed home to cook a roast dinner to finish off our lovely Sunday adventure!