montessori at home

This weekend it was so sunny that we spent most of Saturday in the garden, stripped down with the hose out. It inspired me to get some objects out and have a play with some water practising some montessori methods at the same time!

We used jugs, a ladle, a sponge, building blocks, marbles, washing up liquid, a brush, a whisk and of course the hose. I didn't really do much leading with this, just a few hints here and there, and Theo experimented and played how he wanted.

 He transferred water to different jugs by pouring and using the ladle, and sponge. Then had a go at squirting washing up liquid and using the whisk to make bubbles.

 We had a little look at what objects we thought would sink and float, and Theo decided to give his toys a good wash!
Theo did more pouring, mixing, pumping, spraying and just generally had so much fun. He sat and played for over half an hour, content to experiment and splash about. If they (or you!) don't mind getting a little wet, setting up something like this is a perfect way to discover and use lots of different skills. I know we'll be doing this all summer!