montessori at home

Sorry for my lack of Montessori posts this last week, we've been busy, but not had time to spend at the computer due to the Easter holidays!

This week we tried a variation of the colour sorting game we played a while back. I tried to make it a little more difficult but letting Theo first find the numbers for himself. Again we used trains, as most of them have their own numbers!

Theo really enjoyed this activity and we named the trains and looked for the numbers on their side. Anything can be used though, and stickers with numbers on would be a good way of numbering a collection of toys or objects.

We then tried another little number game which involved building a tower with the right amount of blocks...

We started well and made it to about 4 or 5, but then Theo thought it would be more fun to build his own tower. I tried to continue with our activity, but sometimes it's just best to let them choose what they want to do I guess! Sometimes its good to remember that child led activities are as important as adult led ones! It's good for Theo to do things independently and he likes to use his imagination when building, and turned a stack of blocks into a rocket!

I've made a new button (on the side bar!) so you can now find all my Montessori at home posts in one place!