to the seaside!

It seems funny to think that just last week we were sunning ourselves on the beach, tasting our first ice-creams cones of the year and dreaming up all of our summer adventures. Good weather is fleeting on our fair Isle, and we've all learnt now that when it's here you have to get out and make the most of it. In all cases, a week later you'll be pulling out your coat and boots that you casually tried to put away for next winter, in full knowledge that you would need to be able to access them again for the next few months. And so it goes.

In order to stock up on vitamin d we headed out to Weston-Super-Mare last week, to join the masses for a good old day at the seaside. Even though the front is fun to drive by and watch the big wheel spin round and the donkeys going backwards and forwards along the sand, its probably best avoided with two children who don't seem to understand the concept of money, and therefore the lack of it. Also I suppose showing them that you don't have to spend lots of money on attractions when all you need is a bucket and spade and a friend!

We choose to visit a little park, with excellent climbing frames and water sprinklers to have our lunch and a run around first. Due to my pretty spectacular hatred of eating anywhere where sand may creep its way into my sandwich.

After wrapping up in towels, drying off and finishing our picnic we headed onto the sand to the right of the pier, where it's slightly quieter. The boys dug holes, made shapes and castles in the sand and discovered the delights of burying each other.

Given the space and freedom these two will run and chase each other for miles and upon discovering the vastness of the beach, they set about doing just that. Before being enticed back for ice cream. (Note to self, use ice cream as bribe to leave the beach, and therefore avoiding long persuasions to leave and reduce the risk of sand in said ice creams)

And so our day at the beach ended,  we drove back to Bristol with two sleeping boys in the back, satisfied from our successful (and cheap!) day out.